About us

Good medical practice relies on trust between doctors and their patients. It is important that doctors are able to effectively communicate with the patients to help them best. Communication is important in the delivery of high quality health as it improves the outcome for the patient and doctor both.

Dicatalyst is a platform that works as a bridge between a doctor and a patient. Our company Dicatalyst private limited company located in India. It is specifically made to help people to find better health facilities and good doctors in their area. Our aim is to make medical facilities accessible for everyone.

With the help of Dicatalyst people from all over the country can find a doctor according to their needs and demands. At Dicatalyst information about doctors is provided. A doctor could be from any specialization like dentist, general physicians, ENT specialist, surgeons, gynecologists and many other specialists.

You can find their information according to locality or city. You don't have to travel long distances to find a suitable doctor according to your condition. At this website, you can discover doctors in your locality and can directly make an online appointment.

It is a great opportunity for doctors, diagnostic laboratories and pharmacy shops to build a stronger relationship with their patients and gain more acknowledgement. More people can get benefit from their services. They can create and customize their own website at Dicatalyst.com. Every doctor diagnostic laboratories and pharmacies can operate their website on their own according to their liking. The don't have to waste their valuable time in developing and designing website. They can choose from various elegant and professional templates to set up their website. Once the registration is completed, they get the full hold or control over their data and information. They will get the admin control. People from different localities can contact you, they will be able to view your business. Build a stronger communication to win the trust and appreciation of people and step toward a healthy and better lives.

Our Main Modules

  1. Doctor/Clinic Practice Management Software
  2. Dental/Hospital Practice Management Software
  3. Hospital Management Software
  4. Diagnostic Laboratory Management Software
  5. Pharmacy Management Software
  6. Patient Dashboard

Our Mission

Our Vision